Scandinavian Renault meeting 2024

In the year 2024 we organize 30th Scandinavian Renault meetings. For the Club Renault de Finlande it is 40 years anniversary.

In honor of this, the traditional summer event will contain a sightseeing tour (Grand Tour de Renault), which starts in Turku and goes around different cities, ending in the climax in Tampere. The attached map shows the route.

With the tour, we aim to increase the club's visibility in more places and thus enable more club members to participate in the 40th anniversary celebration. Come to the nearest event to present your own cars! Of course, the hope is that as many people as possible will take part in the whole tour, so that we can present a lot of great Renault models of enthusiasts in different locations.

The main event in Tampere also celebrates the 30-year gathering of the Nordic Renault clubs. So it's worth coming to see what kind of cars are coming from other countries.


Gran Tour de Renault reitti


The route for Grand Tour de Renault:
Various events will be organized along the route.

The main event is in Tampereella (Friday to Sunday) 19.-21.7.2024

The program of Tour will be detailed later.


Registration for the summer event via the following link Registration form

The participation fee is 50 euros. Children 5-16 years 20 euros.

Payment to the club account FI97 4710 1020 0608 11 or you may pay when you arrive.

Accommodation for the main event is booked directly at the hotel reception by mentioning that you are coming to the Renault event.

Contact information for reservations:
Tel. 0207613730

Accommodation prices:
€96.00 / 1hh / night including breakfast
€116.00 / 2hh / night including breakfast

A few tent spots available for €35/person/night including breakfast.

Campers and motorhomes may also stay at the nearby Maisansalo campsite.

More information:



If you want to sponsor the anniversary events, contact

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